About the island of Ireland

The island nation of Ireland (also known as Emerald Isle) is located in northwest Europe, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the United Kingdom. The official language is Irish (Ireland) but English is actually the most used language – this feature makes Ireland one of the countries where English is the most common language in the bloc. European Common Currency (Euro Zone).

Dublin has about 500,000 inhabitants and is one of the busiest economic centers in the continent.

Higher education is organized in Irish universities, educational colleges, private colleges, and technical institutions.

Irish universities

There are 7 universities in Ireland: Limerick University, City University of Dublin, Irish National University Maynooth, College College Cork, National University Galway, College University Dublin, and Dublin Trinity College – University studying Dublin, this is the oldest university in the country.

Irish universities offer bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral (Ph.D.) and degree courses. Most university courses are organized in the form of lectures and tutorials at the school, while masters and doctoral programs will be more self-study.

Technology institutes

The Republic of Ireland also has 14 technology institutes scattered across the country and these institutions offer national diplomas, certificates, and university degrees. The state-of-the-art skills taught at these institutions are part of the course to meet the needs of graduates for the important Irish pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industry. Technology institutes run courses from level 6 to level 10 in the National Qualifications Framework.

Independent colleges

In addition to public institutions, Ireland also has many private colleges offering undergraduate and degree courses. Most of these courses are administered by the Higher Education and Training Council.

If you want to enroll in a university course at an Irish school, you will need to have a good level of English. Minimum English proficiency of 550 TOEFL scores.

If you feel you need more study before starting your university course, Ireland has many English language schools across the country offering both long-term and short-term courses.