If you have a desire to study in Germany, you should be mentally prepared to “move on your own” in planning for housing. Unlike popular study destinations like the UK, Australia or the US, German universities will not help you find accommodation. Certain Student Associations still have programs to help you find shelter, but in most cases, you still have to search for yourself.

Accommodation areas for students : Average price per room: about 240 euros a month

More than 40% of international students choose to stay in student accommodation areas. In addition to this affordable accommodation, the model also gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with peers. The fact that many alumni have close friends when choosing to live in student accommodation in the first year of college. Rents at these inns vary greatly depending on the size of the room, the quality, and quantity of furniture inside.

Sharing a house: Average price per room: about 280 euros a month

More than 30% of students, usually groups you want to live together, choose this type of accommodation. You will have to live in a home with other students including international and local. You will pay rent for your room, share with others some space (kitchen, bathroom, …) or some appliances (refrigerator, heater, …). At the end of the month, each person in the house will have to pay for living expenses such as electricity and internet.

To be able to earn this type of home, you will have to keep track of the housing advertisements of local newspapers, school boards or online because homeowners often use these places to introduce information.

Private home: Average price: 300 euros – 500 euros a month

If you just like to live alone, this is the best option for you. Of course, this is also the most expensive option in every type of housing. In this case, you will still have to search for housing information through the press or the internet. The contract is the most important thing you should pay attention to when choosing your own residence. You must make sure that you UNDERSTAND all items listed in the contract. Normally, when you rent the whole unit, there will be no accompanying furniture.

Some important points to keep in mind:

Demand for rooms and rent in the West German cities is higher than those in the East.

The highest demand for renting rooms at the start of the annual winter enrollment period. If you cannot make a reservation during this time, most universities will help you find accommodations. They usually only meet your minimum living needs for a short time.

Tips for finding accommodation:

  • Plan to find a place to live for you as soon as possible, especially if you plan to start school in the winter.
  • Go over the price first. Housing in Germany usually has a high price, so check the housing price information on the website provided before making a final choice.
  • When you choose to share a house with another person or at your own home, remember to read the contract carefully, not knowing where to ask immediately, to know what is included with any.
  • Note that you will have to pay for your living expenses including electricity and internet, so add this to your rent to know how much you have to spend each month.