Germany not only waives the Bachelor’s degree for international students at more than 300 public universities but also offers student life insurance scholarship programs.


DAAD Scholarship

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst German Academic Exchange Service) is one of the world’s largest scholarship providers. Vietnam is fortunate to be in developing countries targeted by the DAAD. The range of scholarships covered is very diverse, including Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of all types of study. The DAAD also has its own scholarship program for those who have outstanding talents in the field of music.

Scholarships are awarded depending on the applicant’s academic ability but usually fall into 750 euros (VND 19 million) per month for Bachelor’s degrees, 850 euros (VND 22 million) per month for Master’s degrees and 1,200 euros (VND 31 million) / month for Ph.D. or higher. DAAD has its own scholarship summary page so you can easily search and find the right program for you.

Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship

The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship program is jointly funded by the German government and private companies for all students at every university in Germany. To receive this scholarship, students only need to try to achieve good academic results because the review board does not assess the parents’ income or the applicant’s origin. University representatives will award this scholarship to suitable candidates so each university will have different evaluation criteria. In certain universities, in addition to learning, factors such as the level of contribution to the community or the ability to overcome adversity will also be considered.

In addition to the 300 euro scholarship (8 million VND) per month, students also participate in specialized training programs, meet with sponsors to seek employment opportunities and internship programs. The support level is usually applied for at least two semesters but can still be extended if the applicant’s performance still meets the university’s requirements.


Master’s scholarship of HAW Hamburg Scholarships of HAW Hamburg are worth up to 1,800 euros (VND 46 million) / semester. Students can apply for 2 semesters at the same time. This program is not for Health students and applicants must be studying at HAW Hamburg to qualify for a scholarship.