The Irish government has just announced an international education development strategy specifically designed for domestic higher education institutions, with the aim of helping the country “be internationally recognized for the development of full citizenship.” bridge through an internationalized education system and be at the forefront of attracting international students ”.

Ireland expects to increase 33% of its international students

The main goals of the Irish Education strategy, Global Connectivity: International Education Strategy for Ireland, 2016-2020 to increase the number of international students and researchers coming to Irish training institutions, at the same time, enabling Irish students to participate in overseas study and research programs, thereby “linking

Internationalization interests with businesses, along with a platform for national economic ambition and building a world-class innovation and learning network ”. Richard Bruton TD, Ireland’s Minister of Education and Training, said: “This strategy aims to support the development of global citizens through Ireland’s high quality international education system, by engaging talents from all parts of the world to our educational institutions, equip Irish students with the skills and experience necessary to compete internationally, participating in peer-reviewed research and projects at the international level, working together to address global challenges. ”

Ireland education prospect next time

With the advantage of being a country with English as a native language, Ireland attaches great importance to this competitive advantage, determining whether English Language Training or ELT courses will be focused on development in the near future. In addition, specialized programs, such as academic English or commercial English, will be expanded.

Training institutions such as the Royal College of Surgery in Ireland and University College Dublin and many other colleges and universities in Ireland will also organize programs to expand cooperation with foreign training institutions. exchange and practice conditions for students on both sides.

Currently, the international education sector brings £ 1.58 billion a year to the Irish economy, and Minister Richard Bruton TD hopes that this strategy of promoting internationalization in education will raise this number to £ 2.1 billion by 2020.

Why choose Ireland to study abroad?

Ireland is one of the countries with the best developed higher education system in the world, receiving special attention from the government. With over 5000 accredited international courses, completely taught in English, you will surely find a course that suits your aspirations and competence.

Studying in Ireland means you will be part of a network of 35,000 international students from 161 countries, and studying in the only English-speaking country in the Euro area. The opportunity to join the world after leading graduates into the world is also one of its strengths. Large corporations in the field of ICT, Social Network, Pharmacy, and Finance all chose Ireland to set up European branches. In particular, can include big names like Google, HP, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, GSK …