The German economy is on the rise and creating many jobs, the aging population makes the demand for high-quality personnel in German companies increasing, the reasons behind the German government drafting the immigration law. to attract talents to stay in this country to live and work.

Which industry is lacking in manpower?

As an industrial cradle, Germany is always open to the position of engineers in all fields, information technology experts, and natural scientists. The positions in the healthcare industry such as doctors and nurses are also on the government’s priority list due to the aging population.

Below is a list of the 10 most recruited job positions in Germany according to DEKRA Akademie 2018:

  • Programmers, software engineers
  • Information technology consultant and analyst.
  • Electronic engineer, electrician
  • Nurses and nurses
  • Economist, business administrator
  • Managing customers, consultants
  • Production assistant
  • Consumption representative, sales assistant
  • Business director, product manager

Architect, structural engineer

Engineering, IT, and Mathematics, Natural Science

In the technological age, computer scientists have a very important role – discover algorithms and models that help us work together in a small screen. Everything works on the foundation of math and computer science that has made the position in the industry well-sought, well paid. International students graduating from one of the above-mentioned disciplines have an average annual salary of about 68,241 €.

For engineering, professional fields are favored by mechanical and automotive engineering, electricity, structure, computer science and telecommunications. The average salary of engineers in Germany falls to around £ 70,288 per year.

Medicine – Pharmacy sector

There are about 5,000 doctor positions currently vacant in German hospitals and health facilities. Since 2012, whether you are a European citizen or not, you are welcome and licensed to practice medicine in Germany. This is a national policy to attract good doctors and nurses; Of course, provided you own an equivalent medical degree in Germany.

Currently, the Medicine and Pharmacy industry is also the top salary sector in Germany, with an annual average of £ 79,538.

Economic, business and design and architecture sectors Undeniable, architecture and design have a mix and close connection with technology, art, and science and technology. Due to the requirement of interdisciplinary knowledge – design based on mathematical and technical calculations, combining creativity and technological understanding to solve social problems. The policy of prioritizing engineers and IT professionals also partly leads to the priority in the architecture industry. Similarly, an economics and business student can work in a multidisciplinary environment: From private companies in the position of market analysis, fund management, to state agencies, organizations research, or editorial offices as business editors and economic experts … This leads to increased employment opportunities for foreigners.